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Preacher Stone – Not today

Preacher Stone sure has accomplished a lot for such a young band. Formed in 2008, they played first gig in January 2009 and  released a strong self-titled debut album that same year, which gained airplay in radio stations in US and Europe.

Preacher Stone rose from the ashes of two local North Carolina bands, Phantom Park and Riddle. After some changes in the line-up, the band now features Ronnie Riddle on vocals, Benny Hunt and ex-Swampdawamp member Marty Hill on guitars, Mark Hill on drums, Jim Bolt on bass and Johnny Webb on keyboards.

Not a Southern rock band, but “Rock Band from the South”, Preacher Stone songs feature topics close to their hearts such as love gone bad, drinking, Southern hospitality and friendship. Preacher Stone’s undeniable “bread and butter” is their live show. When they hit the stage, they give the people their money’s worth and I guarantee they’ll make a fan out of everyone in ear-shot.

Preacher Stone’s self-titled debut came out in August 2009, proudly bearing the influence of Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd and captured the classic Southern rock sound while bringing it to the new millennium. (be sure to check out our review of Preacher Stone’s debut album) The album topped the charts in CDbaby and was followed by Uncle Buck’s Vittles in 2010 which turned out to be breakout year for the band. Preacher Stone song “Not Today” was featured on  FX Networks popular Sons of Anarchy series which introduced the band to whole new audiences.  Concerts with bands like Blackberry Smoke, The Outlaws and ZZ Top soon followed.

In 2014 Preacher Stone released their third album, Paydirt, which was produced by Bruce Irvine from Guns and Roses and Bon Jovi fame. The band continues to tour heavily, reaching new fans all over United States.

Preacher Stone videos

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Preacher Stone Discography:

2009  Preacher Stone
2010  Uncle Buck’s Vittles
2014  Paydirt
2016  Remedy


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