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Blackberry Smoke – Sanctified Woman

For the past few years Blackberry Smoke, Georgia based southern rockers have gained a wide fan base while touring with every big name in southern rock and with their own headlining shows. With one album and two EPs already under their belts, Blackberry Smoke recently released new song as a free download for all their fans.

Charlie Starr along with Brit and Richard Turner played in Atlanta band called Lonesome Jones and after other three members of the band  quit, they hired Paul Jackson, longtime friend of Charlie’s, on guitar and Blackberry Smoke was officially born.

Blackberry Smoke, now consisting Charlie Starr on vocals, Paul Jackson on guitar and Turner brothers Richard and Brit on bass and drums as well as latest addition, Brandon Still on keyboards, have created very unique mix of bluegrass, country and even gospel in their music. Charlie especially has strong roots to bluegrass in his family: He is related to Buford Abner, lead singer of Swanee River Boys and his father played with various bluegrass bands in Alabama, where he was born and raised.

Their debut album Bad Luck Ain’t No Crime came out in 2003 and was produced by Jackyl front man Jesse James Dupree. It immediately gained them new fans with timeless Southern rock classics like “Testify” and “Freeborn Man“.

In breaks between relentless touring they have recorded two EP’s: Honky Tonk Bootlegs has, as the name suggests, six strongly country influenced tracks. From “Son Of The Bourbon” to “Keep On Keeping On” you can clearly tell, that these songs come straight from the heart.

Latest EP Little Piece Of Dixie leans strongly towards country rock and gave a taste, where Blackberry Smoke is heading, before their new album came out in June 2009.

Keep your eye on these new torch carriers of Southern rock, because they are on their way to something big and in a meantime, be sure to check out our interview with Blackberry Smoke, where Brit talked about being part of Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s Simple Man Cruise and up ‘n coming tour with David Allan Coe among other things.

Blackberry Smoke videos

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Blackberry Smoke Discography:

2003  Bad Luck Aint No Crime
2007  Memphis Special Blue Grass (MCD)
2008  New Honky Tonk Bootlegs (EP)
2009  Little Piece Of Dixie

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