HayMarket Riot releases free EP


July 15, 2017 – Following the success of the Healing Blues project, North Carolina based HayMarket Riot recruited long time friend Phil Holder to become the bands full time drummer, and invited some friends to join them at Earthtones Recording Studios to record a few of their favorite tunes. A handful of tunes were committed to disk and copies were given to a number of radio stations, as the band went on to record the “bed” or Rhythm tracks for their next full length CD.

I still hang on to some of my old school ways”, comments the bands bassist and producer Jon Epstein, “most importantly by recording a songs drum and bass tracks live in the studio in order to capture a live vibe to work from as recording progresses.” This became especially relevant when on July 17, 2017 drummer, Phil Holder suffered a massive cardiac event, likely brought on in a bizarre motor scooter repair/bee incident, and passed away. The loss of their friend has had a profound impact on the band, who have decided to complete the album using the drum tracks already recorded before undertaking the search for a new drummer.

The songs the band recorded early that first summer represent Phil’s debut in the studio with the band, and his enthusiasm is on full display. As a way of honoring Phil’s musicianship and memory the band has decided to give away a collection of songs from those first sessions FREE of charge (with no catches).
The EP is available to download from Bandcamp.com.

Bandcamp uses a “name your price” feature. In order to get the EP for FREE simply enter $0. Any donations made for downloads will be used, in their entirety, to complete their LP currently in production.

Or you can download the sampler EP from Dropbox Folder