Dertybird – Pure Analog


Flying in from Austin, Texas, Dertybird lays down its brand of blues based rock ‘n roll on their latest album, Pure Analog.  Following a self-titled EP and months of regional touring, this debut full length effort was recorded in early 2009.  Upon first listening, the influence of the Allman Brothers, Warren Haynes, Gov’t Mule, and Black Crowes is immediately apparent.  But, after a repeat listening, the real Dertybird sound becomes evident.  This is certainly a band that knows its roots and know how to use that influence to make it sound fresh and new.

Right out of the starting gate, Dertybird hits the ground running with “Edna” and “All I Ever,” two songs that seem to belong on either a Gov’t Mule or later Allman Brothers album.  Written with a Warren Haynes guitar feel, these songs have that solid swampy blues feel.  With an intro and vocal track reminiscent of the Black Crowes, “Movin’ On” continues that same perceptual groove.  In the song, “People Change,” the band actually grabs hold of a slower Hendrix-type riff with wonderful results.  For the slide junkies out there, check out the songs, “Feels Like Money” and “She Like it.”  Tasty Haynes-type slide playing is predominated throughout.  For a slight change of pace, “Insomnia” adds a country tinge flavor to the mix.

Pure Analog was recorded to 2” tape and mixed back as a live performance to 1/4” analog tape, hence the name of the album.  Because of the old school recording techniques, this album captured the band’s extraordinary appeal and is sonically well done.  Clayton Colvin’s vocals are crystal clear.  His guitar and JT Holt’s guitar have wonderful tone, adding soulful counterpoint to Lee Brock’s bass and Jeremy Bruch’s drum rhythm section.  Pure Analog is not an album that will get you jumping to your feet’s or driving 70 MPH down the highway.  It is the type of album you will listen to at the end of the day or when you want to just kick back and groove.  Pure, clean magic from Dertybird.

Reviewed by Keith Stefanec