Cashbox – Iron Mountain Train


When I was a young boy we use to sit on the porch and watch the thunder storm roll in over the flat lands where I lived. Cashbox rolls in like a thunderstorm when they rock up Iron Mountain Train and the power of Rain Pours Down pushes the envelope of southern rock and fuses something different from the usual.

While Let Me Go carries the banner of southern anthems into the future from a past well versed in anthems, the song has the feeling of a hurting man and it burns into the depths of your consciousness and emerges strong in true. Full Throttle is a flat out rocker that smokes from start to finish. Though the singer is a young guy and yet not up to the par of the more famous southern rock singers he holds his own when they play the slow songs that highlight his vocal abilities.

I would think a bit more blues in a few of the tracks would give the singer and opportunity to show his pipes in a more powerful way. Ninth track of the album, Sorry, seems to be the closest to this formula, this song starts out with its slow bluesy feeling and continues though out the song.

The acoustic version of the last song on the CD is a nice change of pace. A solid release all around, but does lack consistency, as some of the songs move away form the southern rock sound, songs like Specially If You´re Not Careful have more in common with Alternative or Arena rock than southern rock.

I don´t think this is a bad album by any means, and not to be written off by someone like me because this band has many attributes that many other people would love, read some of the messages on CD Baby from fans who have purchased this album. Coming from the old school of southern rock it is harder from me to accept the changes in the genre that a band like Cashbox pushes forth, but I do give them credit for not being a copy cats and showing versitale style and substance.

Review by Vernon Tart