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The Danny Joe Brown Band – Beggar Man

The Danny Joe Brown Band was formed in 1980 and kept its musical emphasis close to the original style that his former band, Molly Hatchet had originated. The Danny Joe Brown Band was centered around its lead singer, Danny Joe Brown and rest of the band consisted of Bobby Ingram (Guitar), Steve Wheeler (Guitar), Kenny McVay (Guitar), John Glavin(Keyboards), Buzzy Meekin(Bass) and Jimmy Glenn (drums).

The band was signed to the same label that Molly Hatchet was on, Epic Records. It released its only self-titled album in 1981 which featured freebird-like hit Edge of Sundown, song that get still played on Molly Hatchet concerts to this day. Rest of the album was filled with the same old vocals that fans had come to know and love, and it took the Hatchet fans by storm.

The Danny Joe Brown Band toured heavily to promote their new album, but to noticeably smaller crowds than Danny Joe had experienced with Molly Hatchet, although they were billed as the opening act for Blackfoot on that band’s highly successful Marauder tour in 1981. Danny Joe Brown replaced the entire band during the east coast leg of the band’s US tour from February through May 1982. The new members were a three-guitar line-up featuring Al Tuten, Jimmy Polston and Billy Poovey, bassist Ronnie Able, and drummer Shane Bressette.

The Danny Joe Brown Band called it quits in 1982 soon after getting kicked out from the tour with Foghat, following Danny Joes attack on their tour manager. Danny Joe returned back to Molly Hatchet and stayed with them until his stroke in 1995.

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