Scott Boyer talks Cowboy and recording with Allman Brothers


September 13, 2015 – Well-schooled Southern rock fans know Scott Boyer and guitarist/singer Tommy Talton from their days with Cowboy, the ’70s country-rock group they founded by bassist George Clark, multi-instrumentalists Bill Pillmore and Pete Kowalke and drummer Tomm Wynn. Capricorn Records, the Macon-founded Southern rock label that put out classic albums from Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie and other acts, released Cowboy’s debut “Reach for the Sky” in 1971.

Boyer on Cowboy being the backing band for the ‘Gregg Allman Tour’ live album: “I’d go pass Gregg’s dressing room and I’d see him in there and he’d be sitting in there partying with somebody doing I don’t want to say what and I’d go, “That guy is never going to be able to do a show” and five minutes later he would walk onstage and play great. Every night. Every night he played and sang his ass off.”

On Capricorn Records: “Capricorn was the first label that really had a Southern feel to it. That was probably the neatest thing about it – the other thing was the musical freedom they gave the acts. They signed you because they heard something there and then they put you in the studio and sort of left you alone and didn’t you demand you cut something with this sort of beat or that sort of lyric content. They let you create what you wanted to create.”

On a new Cowboy album: “We started recorded an album several years back and the project fell to the wayside. We ran into some technical difficulties and we are trying right now to finish that album up. All we lack is a few vocals, a few harmony parts and a few guitar parts, and we will have a new Cowboy album out, probably sometime next year.”

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