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The Marshall Tucker Band was one of the major Southern rock bands of the 70’s. The band was formed in 1971, in Spartanburg, South Carolina by original members vocalist Doug Gray, drummer Paul Riddle, flutist Jerry Eubanks, rhythm guitarist George McCorkle, lead guitarist Toy Caldwell and his brother, bassist Tommy Caldwell. Although The Marshall Tucker Band is considered a southern rock band, the group entertains their fans from all over the world in such diverse musical genres and styles as gospel, country and even jazz.

The band was originally named Toy Factory. However, the name was changed into The Marshall Tucker Band before their first album was released. There are two different variations of the origin of their name. According to the band’s front man, Tommy Caldwell, they got the name from a blind old man that tweaked pianos in their hometown. And though the band didn’t use the name of the guy in his honor, they stick with the name because “it’s cool”. The other variation of the story is that they got the name from a key tag that apparently used to belong to a man named Marshall Tucker.

In 1973, Marshall Tucker Band signed a contract with Capricorn Records president Phil Walden, recorded and released their self titled debut album. The band started to gain more recognition when they had the opportunity to tour with The Allman Brothers Band. The Marshall Tucker Band’s fan base grew as the days went by and by the end of the 70’s, they were considered as one of the hottest, most requested and well loved southern rock bands.

On April 28, 1980, Tommy Caldwell died week after getting serious injuries in a car accident. Obviously, the death of band’s front man took a toll on other members as well. Though the public loved and craved for concerts and new albums, the pain and shock of Tommy’s unfortunate passing slowed down the band and finally, two years after his death, The Marshall Tucker Band faded from the music scene.

Tommy’s brother, Toy, started a solo career after the band officially disbanded in 1983 but in the mid-eighties, Doug Gray and Jerry Eubanks hired new players and formed second generation of The Marshall Tucker Band.

As the years went by, two more original band members passed away. Toy Caldwell died from a heart disease in 1993 and George McCorkle died from cancer more recently. Nowadays, The Marshall Tucker Band is still one of the leading Southern rock bands in the world. Changes were made, tragedies happened, but after 30 years, the band is still going strong and hopefully keeps entertaining us for a long, long time.

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The Marshall Tucker Band Discography:

1973 The Marshall Tucker Band
1974 A New Life
1974 Where We All Belong
1975 Searchin’ for a Rainbow
1976 Long Hard Ride
1977 Carolina Dreams
1978 The Marshall Tucker Band’s Greatest Hits
1978 Together Forever
1979 Running Like the Wind
1980 Tenth
1981 Dedicated
1982 Tuckerized
1982 Greatest Hits
1983 Just Us
1983 Greetings from South Carolina
1988 Still Holdin’ On
1990 Southern Spirit
1992 Still Smokin
1993 Walk Outside The Lines
1994 The Capricorn Years (compilation)
1996 Country Tucker (compilation)
1997 MT Blues (compilation)
1998 Face Down in the Blues
1999 Gospel
2003 Stompin’ Room Only
2004 Beyond the Horizon
2005 Anthology (compilation)
2005 Carolina Christmas
2006 Live on Long Island
2007 The Next Adventure
2009 Love Songs
2009 The Essential Marshall Tucker Band 3.0
2011 Greatest Hits


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