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Van Zant – Help Somebody

Van Zant is a band put together by two younger brothers’ of late Southern rock legend Ronnie Van Zant: Johnny and Donnie, who both have left their mark in the history of southern rock with their own groups, Lynyrd Skynyrd and 38 Special. Today’s version of the band is not to be confused with Johnny Van Zant’s solo effort from 1980’s which released one album under the same name in 1985.

Van Zant name was revived again after brothers Van Zant joined forces in 1998 for collaborative southern rock project ‘Brother to Brother’. It was meant to be one-time effort, but strong sales and excited reception from fans encouraged them to again take some time off from their main bands, to record follow-up album ‘Van Zant II’ in 2001.

In 2005 they took a slight change of course and released strongly country influenced Get Right With the Man and scored two singles with “Help Somebody” and “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Tell Me What to Do” which helped lift the album sales pass 500 000 copies. In the same year Van Zant got in the middle of public outrage when their album was one 52 titles Sony BMG released with automatically installing rootkit, exposing PC’s to malware and viruses. How much this affected sale of Get Right With the Man can only be guessed.

With gold record under their belt, Van Zant decided to continue with same theme and in 2007 released another country album, My Kind of Country. “That Scares Me” and “Goes Down Easy” were released as singles, but failed to repeat the success of previous ones.

Even though new album sold steadily and brothers were sounding better than ever before, in 2008 Sony BMG dropped Van Zant from their roster, but with strong history of sales with their own bands and under the name Van Zant as well, finding a new label shouldn’t be too difficult. Fans can rest assured that there will be a new Van Zant album in nearby future.

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Van Zant Discography:

1998  Brother to Brother
2001  Van Zant II
2005  Get Right with the Man
2007  My Kind of Country