Trailer Trash Tremblers


Trailer Trash Tremblers hails from Netherlands and proves once and for all, that redneckery isn’t tied to any specific location. The band was formed in 2006 when Billy Bob Hackensack, Clayton Curtis and Cuzin Cletus ran into Johnny Trash Taylor at the local monster truck rally. Trailer Trash Tremblers released their Country fuelled Rock ’n Roll debut in spring of 2007 after touring all over Europe. They have since headlined festivals in Germany and Sweden.

Trailer Trash Tremblers left their farms a few years ago to play Rock N Roll with a capital R. Within those few years, the boys played everywhere in Europe. From small bars to major venues and festivals, they have build a reputation of being a wild live band while showing the world that music is not all about money, but all about having fun with your friends!

Trailer Trash Tremblers creates unique atmosphere with their mix of Country, Punk rock, Hillbilly and Southern rock, what they call as “Country fuelled Rock ’n Roll” or “Rawk ’n Roll”. Now it’s time to cross the ocean and show the USA what Trailer Trash Tremblers is made of! Their first USA tour ever, will kick off in the Mid-West on July 22nd, including cities like: Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Nashville and Bucksnort, Tennessee. So if you have a change, go check these guys out!

Trailer Trash Tremblers discography:

2007  Boobs, Butts, Beer & Shit


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