Southern Fury


Southern Fury has gone through a lot. Born in the fine southern state of Virginia way back in 1980, broke up in 1983, only to reborn in 1998. Nowadays Southern Fury has released four albums and are still going strong, making new fans around the world.

Southern Fury first got together when Dave “DJ” Fernandez (lead vocals & rhythm guitar) got a call from Jamie Magarry (bass), an old college buddy of his, who informed DJ about two guys, Steve Kerndt (drums) and Tom Fowler (lead guitar) looking to put together a southern rock band.

After jamming together few times, another guitarist, Dave Havil, was added to the line up and Southern Fury was officially born. As time went on their set list started to include original songs along side with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Charlie Daniels Band covers and the true Southern Fury sound started to grow as did their fan base.

In 1983 Jamie Magarry left Southern Fury and Dave Havil soon followed forcing the band into a 15 year break. DJ Fernandez resurrected Southern Fury in 1998 and tested various line-ups while opening for bands like 38 Special and Blue Oyster Cult, before getting back together with original members Steve Kerndt and Tom Fowler 1999.

The next ten years would prove to be the bands best years ever; Southern Fury wrote new songs, recorded CD’s, played live gigs and gave their fans what they were missing for so many years… True southern rock experience. With the release of their new CD “Just Can’t Stop” they have gained the attention and respect of Southern Rock fans worldwide.

Southern Fury Discography:

2001  Original Recipe
2005  Loud & Proud
2006  Live @ Jaxx
2011  Just Can’t Stop


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