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Shooter Jennings – 4th Of July

Shooter Jennings was born to rock: being the only child of country music legends Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, he was exposed to music industry from the very beginning and learned to play multiple instruments at young age. Jennings left his native Nashville in 1997 to rock the glam rock scene in L.A with his first band: Stargunn. Strongly influenced by Guns N’ Roses and Lynyrd Skynyrd, they were fairly popular in local club scene, but never really broke to mainstream fame.

Frustrated with lack of success, he formed The 357’s in 2003 with old friends Ted Russell Kamp, Leroy Powell, Gordo Hartin and Bryan Keeling and returned back to his country rock roots. Jennings and The 357’s locked themselves in the studio and emerged with strongly southern rock influenced debut album ‘Put the “O” Back in Country‘, which Universal released in 2005. With guest vocals from George Jones “4th of July” and “Steady at the Wheel” were released as a singles and band hit the road touring relentlessly all over US.

Taking a little break from touring, Jennings portrayed his father, Waylon, in James Mangold’s epic Johnny Cash Biography Walk the Line before releasing his follow-up album “Electric Rodeo” in 2006. Electric Rodeo continued to follow his father’s legacy with raunchy and rockin’ country/southern rock tunes.

Shooter released “The Wolf“, his third studio album, on October 2007 and it peaked at #52: his highest charting so far. Dire Straits cover ‘Walk Of Life’ was released as first single, and but it suffered from lack of airtime on radio and judging from soon to be released greatest hits album, collaboration between Universal South and Shooter Jennings might have come to an end?

In 2008 Shooter Jennings and the 357’s released Waylon forever: an album based on old recordings Shooter worked on with his father in 1995.

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2005  Put the “O” Back in Country
2006  Electric Rodeo
2006  Live at Irving Plaza
2007  The Wolf
2009  Bad Magick: The Best of Shooter Jennings and the 357’s
2010  Black Ribbons


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