Sam Morrison Band


The Sam Morrison Band has been playing their brand of traditional Southern rock for over 10 years now. Hailing from Fullerton, California, they are on a mission to bring back the real music for real people with songs that reflect the traditional American values and way of life.

Sam Morrison Band consists of eight people; guitarists Sam Morrison and Steve Cenker, bassist Greg Kasparian, drummer Bart Robley, Karl Sanger on sax and David Kurtz on piano along with their own “Honkettes” Doreen Novotny and Mandy Burke.

When booked to play live, Sam Morrison Band can offer you three different shows; Tribute to Bob Seger and the Silver Bullets Band under the name “Turn The Page”, classic southern rock show with Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Marshall Tucker Band and The Allman Brothers Band covers or the real deal, where Sam Morrison Band plays their own songs.

Sam Morrison Band released their debut album through Convalian Records in 2002. First single,  “I Gotta Ride” did well enough to get them opportunities to open some of the southern rock´s biggest stars like 38 SpecialThe Outlaws and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

As well as having toured United States extensively, Sam Morrison Band has taken their live show in several locations around Europe and even to south-Korea while performing to US military personnel.

Their latest offering “Dig It or Don’t!” came out in 2011 and features same classic southern rock attack, that their fans has loved since the bands formation. Don´t forget to check out our review of Dig It or Don’t!

Sam Morrison Band Discography:

2002  Sam Morrison Band
2011  Dig It Or Don´t


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