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Gov’t Mule – Mule

Gov’t Mule started as a shoot-off from The Allman Brothers Band in 1994, but has since grown into a phenomenon on their own. With their unique version of blues based southern rock, Gov’t mule has sold 1,5 million albums worldwide.

Band leader Warren Haynes got his big break in a music business when David Allan Coe asked then 19 years old Haynes to join his band. From there, he moved on to Dickie Betts Band, which eventually led to guitar position in reunited Allman Brothers Band.

While playing with The Allmans it became clear that The Allman Brothers Band wasn’t going to release any new music any time soon, so Haynes and bassist Allen Woody put together Gov’t Mule to release some of the songs they had wrote.

Old friend from Dickie Betts Band, Matt Abts was hired to play drums and in 1995, as a trio they released Gov’t Mule’s debut album, Mule. With strong set of songs, band hit the road and in the following year, released Live at Roseland Ballroom, live album recorded during that tour.

In 1997 things started to look good for Gov’t Mule and Haynes and Woody left The Allman Brothers Band to concentrate to their own band. New studio album ”Dose” followed in 1998 and band toured relentlessly, taping their performances. In new years eve concert 1998 Gov’t Mule was joined by old friends The Allman Brothers Band and The Black Crowes among other guests and another live album, Live… With Little Help From Our Friends, was released in 1999.

Later thar same year Gov’t Mule locked themselves in the studio and came out with Life Before Insanity. Album got good reception from fans and press alike, but disaster stroke in August, when bass playerAllen Woody was found dead in his motel room in New York.

Gov’t Mule decided to continue touring on limited basis with different bass players taking Woodys place. Déjà Voodoo, Gov’t Mule’s first studio album since Allen Woody’s death came out in 2004 and they have since released two more, High & Mighty and dub / reggae album Mighty High.

Never strangers to the road, Gov’t Mule broke magical 1000th live show mark in just nine years and continue as one of the hardest working bands in music business to this very day. Todays line-up consist of Warren Haynes,  Matt Abts, Danny Louis on keyboards and newest addition Jorgen Carlsson on bass.

Gov’t Mule videos

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Gov’t Mule Discography:

1995  Mule
1996  Live At Roseland Ballroom (live)
1998  Dose
1999  With Little Help From Our Friends (live)
2000  Life Before Insanity
2001  The Deep End, Volume 1
2002  The Deep End, Volume 2
2003  The Deepest End (live)
2004  Deja Voodoo
2005  Mo’ Voodoo (EP)
2006  High & Mighty
2007  Mighty High
2009  By a Thread
2010  Mulennium


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