Fifth on the Floor


Fifth on the Floor hails from Lexington, Kentucky and started out like all good bands do: on a Friday night over a bottle of Jim Beam. After a few weeks of song writing, line-up changes, and hangovers, the grouping of Chris Collins, Robin Polly, Matty Rodgers, and Justin Wells solidified the group dynamic and sound that are instantly identifiable.

Less than a month after inception, Fifth on the Floor were hitting venues all over Kentucky. Soon after, the band was rocking stages in Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, and Ohio. The songs that developed were recorded on Fifth on the Floor’s debut album, “The Color of Whiskey“. The release is as much a melting pot of American music as the band itself, with songs ranging from honky-tonk to southern jam to hard rock, and everything in between. “The Color of Whiskey” is as unabashedly raw and straight-forward as Fifth on the Floor’s live show.

With the 2010 release of their sophomore album “Dark and Bloody Ground“, Fifth on the Floor saw some additional line-up changes as Robin Polly and Chris Collins parted ways with band and were replaced by Aaron Graham in drums and Jason Parsons on bass. (Be sure to check out our Dark and Bloody Ground review). Ashes & Angels followed in 2013 and their latest release, & After EP, came out in 2015.

Fifth on the Floor has built a rock-solid testament to honest music, with songs like “Shine“, “On My Way“, and “The Fall“. Having played nearly three hundred shows in four years, they’ve honed their show to an unforgettable experience. A Fifth on the Floor show is not unlike a one night stand: they let their hair down, kick your ass, and, with any luck, you’ll remember it in the morning.

Fifth on the Floor Discography:

2007  The Color of Whiskey
2010  Dark and Bloody Ground
2013  Ashes & Angels
2015  & After EP


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