Dixie Dregs


The Dixie Dregs was an off-shoot from Dixie Grit, Augusta, GA based band formed by Steve Morse and Andy West. They changed the band name into Dixie Dregs while studying music in University of Miami in 1974 and have released several albums on which they created unique instrumental mix of jazz, blues and southern rock.

Dixie Dregs released their debut album, The Great Spectacular in 1975. Although only 1000 albums was pressed, the word spread quickly and legendary  Southern rock label Capricorn Records signed them based on recommendation Phil Walden got from The Allman Brothers Band. Their major label debut, Free Fall came out in 1977 and thanks to minor hit, Refried Funky Chicken sold fairly well.

1978 saw the release of What If and Dixie Dregs toured nationwide to promote the album. Their third album, Night of the Living Dregs was released in April 1979, gaining the Dixie Dregs their first Grammy nomination for Best Rock Instrumental. After Capricorn Records declared bankruptcy later that year, Dixie Dregs signed a three album deal with Arista Records and wasted no time coming up with their fourth release Dregs of the Earth in early 1980.

Eighties brought few changes for the Dixie Dregs; on 1981 release the band shortened their name to Dregs on their next release and Industry Standard, released in 1982 introduced guest vocalists. Despite the changes and relentless touring Dixie Dregs slowly faded from the music scene as Steve Morse released solo albums and drummer Rod Morgenstein joined Winger.

Dixie Dregs reunited in 1989 and their latest studio album, Full Circle came out in 1994. Dixie Dregs continues to play few concerts each year.

Dixie Dregs Discography:

1975  The Great Spectacular
1977  Free Fall
1978  What If
1979  Night of the Living Dregs
1980  Dregs of the Earth
1981  Unsung Heroes
1982  Industry Standard
1989  Divided We Stand: The Best of the Dregs
1992  Bring ‘Em Back Alive
1994  Full Circle
1997  King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents
2000  California Screamin’
2002  20th Century Masters: The Best Of The Dixie Dregs