Dertybird from Austin, Texas has been cultivating their mix of Muscle Shoals Soul and Hill Country/Swamp Blues into a new blend of Southern Vinyl Rock. With a self-titled EP, the band toured throughout the region before settling down in early 2009 to record their latest album Pure Analog. Dertybird is a genuine rock band with unique original songs and nothing but reverence for the music and musicians that have influenced them along the way.

Dertybird is Clayton Colvin and JT Holt. The two were brought together in 2006 through the mutual company of Malcolm “Papa Mali” Welbourne, for whom JT was playing bass, and Clayton was tour managing. Following some long touring the two got together and decided to form Dertybird, fusing Claytons soulful, honest, Muscle Shoals influence with JT’s raw, gut bucket guitar riffs. After many tough nights on the road and getting a few good breaks by playing alongside and opening for better known acts, the young group earned loyal fans and began to impress many folks with their tight arrangements and tasteful Southern rock sound. Trademarked by solid gutsy vocals and searing slide guitar, Dertybird branded themselves a staple in markets throughout the Southern US.

After a rigorous 2006-2007 Deep South tour, the band realized their style and sound as a whole and began to conceptualize the record, Pure Analog. The album was recorded to 2″ tape and mixed live at NestRecording in South Austin. Dertybird wanted to make the record in a way that gave the listener an “in the room” experience, so the bass, drums and rhythm guitar, were cut live in one session. The rhythm section on Pure Analog is Lee “Doodlebug” Brock on the bass, and Nick Summers on drums. Don´t forget to check out our Pure Analog review.

Up next for the band is another session in the studio, more highway miles, and bigger venues to showcase their music. Material wise, they are well on their way to completing another album that they expect to release in near future. Moreover, they continue to grow and gain momentum musically all the while strengthening their team infrastructure.

Dertybird discography:

2007  Dertybird EP
2009  Pure Analog