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Cross Canadian Ragweed – 51 Pieces

Cross Canadian Ragweed’s alternative sound and Texas rock ‘n’ roll edge may not fit within the Southern rock music spectrum for some, but they were the real deal and rocked’ crowds across the US from mid-nineties until their disbandment in 2010.

Originally formed in Yukon, Oklahoma, childhood friends Cody Canada (guitar, vocals), Grady Cross (guitar), Randy Ragsdale (drums) and Jeremy Plato’s (bass) named the band Cross Canadian Ragweed by combining the names of three founding members. The band quickly abandoned their Lynyrd Skynyrd and Merle Haggard covers and began focusing on hard rockin’ and straight-forward originals.

Cross Canadian Ragweed relocated to Stillwater and little by little gained more airplay on college radios before releasing their debut,Carney in 1998. Two more albums, Live and Loud at the Wormy Dog Saloon in 1999 and Highway 377 in 2001 came out on their own independent label, Underground Sound.

Their independent albums sold well enough to gain some attention from major labels and in 2002 Cross Canadian Ragweed signed a deal with Universal South and released self-titled major label debut (aka “the purple album”). Soul Gravy followed in 2004 and became their break-through album, shooting to #5 in country charts. Three more studio albums, Garage, Mission California and Happiness and All the Other Things followed.

The road was always home to Cross Canadian Ragweed and they shared the stage with many southern rock’s biggest names including Shooter Jennings and Blackberry Smoke. They used to play 200 to 300 gigs a year since forming the band and continued to tour heavily until May 2010, when Cross Canadian Ragweed announced a hiatus from touring and finally broke up in September on that same year.

Cross Canadian Ragweed videos

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Cross Canadian Ragweed Discography:

1998  Carney
1999  Live and Loud at the Wormy Dog Saloon
2001  Highway 377
2002  Cross Canadian Ragweed
2002  Live and Loud at Billy Bob’s Texas
2004  Soul Gravy
2005  Garage
2006  Back to Tulsa: Live and Loud at Cain’s Ballroom
2007  Mission California
2009  Happiness and All the Other Things