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Charlie Daniels Band – Long Haired Country Boy

Charlie Daniels, vocal spokesman of conservative values and Grand Ole Opry inducted performer, started his career in 1958, but his major breakthrough came in late 70’s when The Charlie Daniels Band released Million Mile Reflections, which included crossover hit “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”. In the early 1980s, when Southern rock started to lose momentum, his music turned more and more towards country which helped The Charlie Daniels Band to remain a popular concert attraction well into the new millennium.

Charlie Daniels mastered fiddle and guitar at early age and in 1958, he founded The Jaguars. They recorded one album and toured hard around southern states. The Jaguars never really took off and in late 60’s, Daniels moved to Nashville, to serve as a session musician. There, over the years, he evolved into one of the most popular fiddlers and a talented songwriter, whose songs among others, Elvis Presley recorded.

In 1971 Charlie Daniels released a self-titled solo album which didn’t get too much attention. Things turned around when The Charlie Daniels Band was formed with Daniels on guitar, vocals and fiddle, Don Murray on lead guitar, Charlie Hayward on bass, James Marshall on drums and keyboardist Joe DiGregorio. Bands first hit came from 1973 album Honey In The Rock, when “Uneasy Rider” broke into top 10 charts. Year later, Fire On The Mountain was released and is today considered one of the best CDB albums with songs like The South’s Gonna Do It and Long Haired Country Boy gaining lot of radio play. In 1979, The Charlie Daniels Band got their biggest hit to date with The Devil Went Down To Georgia when it peaked #3 at the charts and ultimately helped Million Mile Reflection sell over three million copies.

In 1980’s when southern rock started to lose popularity, CDB’s music turned more and more towards country and violin became his trademark. Full Moon and Windows albums were certified gold and platinum awards, but the success of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” was never reached again and commercial success of Daniels kept decreasing, even if though band had several other minor hit singles such as “In America“, “Still in Saigon” and “The Legend Of Wooley Swamp

Volunteer Jam

In 1974 Charlie Daniels organized the first of several Volunteer Jam concerts, where The Charlie Daniels Band performed with various southern rock and country musicians. There are also a variety of live recordings published on CD’s and DVD’s from these live sessions. 1979 was a special year since Volunteer Jam played tribute to late Ronnie Van Zant and remaining members of Lynyrd Skynyrd reunited for the first time on-stage, since their 1977 plane crash.

The Charlie Daniels Band videos

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The Charlie Daniels Band Discography:

1970 Charlie Daniels
1972 John, Grease & Wolfman
1973 Honey in the Rock
1974 Way Down Yonder
1974 Fire on the Mountain
1975 Nightrider
1976 Volunteer Jam (live)
1976 Saddle Tramp
1976 High Lonesome
1977 Midnight Wind
1978 Volunteer Jam Vol. III-IV
1979 Million Mile Reflections
1980 Volunteer Jam Vol. VI
1980 Full Moon
1981 Volunteer Jam VII
1982 Windows
1983 A Decade of Hits
1985 Me & the Boys
1987 Powder Keg
1988 Homesick Heroes
1989 Simple Man
1990 Christmas Time Down South
1991 Renegade
1993 America, I Believe In You
1994 The Door
1995 Same Ol Me
1996 Steel Witness
1997 Blues Hat
1997 By the Light of the Moon
1998 Fiddle Fire: 25 Years of the CDB
1999 Tailgate Party
1999 Volunteer Jam Vol I
1999 Volunteer Jam Vol II
2000 Road Dogs
2001 Live!
2002 Redneck Fiddlin’ Man
2003 Freedom and Justice for All
2005 Songs from the Longleaf Pines
2007 Live from Iraq
2007 Deuces
2009 Joy to the World


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