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Barefoot Jerry – I’m Proud To Be a Redneck

Barefoot Jerry remains one of the unsung heroes of southern rock. They rose from the ashes of  Nashville super group Area Code 615 which featured some of Nashville’s best studio musicians and released string of successful albums between 1971 and 1977 before breaking up.

Led by  guitarist Wayne Moss, Barefoot Jerry’s original line-up also included ex- Area Code 615 members Mac Gayden on guitar and vocals, Kenneth A. Buttrey on drums along with John Harris on keyboards.

In 1971 Barefoot Jerry signed to Capitol Records and released their classic debut album, Southern Delight. Following year Capitol dropped them, but Barefoot Jerry released the self-titled sophomore effort for Warner Brothers records.

Russ Hicks and Kenny Malone had replaced Gayden and Buttrey. The band then signed to Monument records and went through further lineup changes (Si Edwards on drums, Dave Doran on bass, Fred Newell on vocals) before recording  1974’s Watchin’ TV.

In 1975 Monument released You Can’t Get Off With Your Shoes On, and Crocery, double LP featuring reissues of their first two albums came out the following year.

Wayne Moss resurrected Barefoot Jerry one more time in 1976 and the band recorded Keys to the Country with bassist Terry Bearmore, guitarist Jim Colvard and Warren Hartman keyboards. This same line-up recorded the last Barefoot Jerry album, 1977’s Barefootin’.

Barefoot Jerry has shared the stage with Wet Willie, The Charlie Daniels Band and other major players in southern rock scene, yet remain fairly unknown to this day, which might have something to do with the ever rotating members of the band. In fact, Wayne Moss was the only member who played in all of the albums and concerts.

Barefoot Jerry videos

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Barefoot Jerry Discography:

1971  Southern Delight
1972  Barefoot Jerry
1974  Watchin’ TV
1975  You Can’t Get Off with Your Shoes On
1976  Grocery (Re-issue of the first two albums)
1976  Keys to the Country
1977  Barefootin’
2007  Barefoot Jerry Live (available from the band’s website)


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