Meagan Tubb & Shady People – Beautiful Noise


Texas has been the home to many excellent artists over the years and Meagan Tubb is another one of the dusty roads artist. Traveling down the path of the legends before her Meagan and her band Shady People light a fire under rock n’ roll and then throw it at you, setting the world on fire. Texas is home to some of the finest blues guitarist such as T. Bone Walker to name one and its sounds like Meagan has listened to a lot of old slide guitarist and learned a few lessons on the way.

Rock n’ roll is blues, country, rock mixed into a stew of soulfulness that permeates the music of Meagan Tubb and Shady People. Isaac Stern said “there are no wasted notes in music and you must feel each note”. Few music releases have this kind of quality to them. Where you can hear song after song that sounds like individual moments of the perfect amalgamation of musical styles, rock n´ roll roll, blues, country, soul blend together into a fabric of power and unity of styles that leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit feeling each note.

But Meagan and the Shady People are not just leaning on their talent, they are wrapping it up and throwing it at you and proving song after song that they have what it takes to create some of the hottest music sounds in the industry today. Their down home rockin´ style floats into the musical avenues of the dusty roads and the big city with equal ease. Scorching guitar leads, smoking slide work, hard working rhythm section and you got one of the few bands putting it down with an original sound that never breaks new ground but never treads ground you are familiar with, mashing it up into a Beautiful Noise.

After rocking through the first five songs they hit you with a very country rock song, Isabella, turning a new page in their story with its light airy sound. Argument with the Moon to me is their tour de force with its very down and dirty blues sound in the mold of an the Allman Brothers Band in the way it builds and then eases back down with guitar work that never hints at similarity. Let Me Be With You treads the same ground as Argument with the Moon with the music building itself into dynamic highs and dropping to lows weaving an aural sound collage out of the experience she and her band have gained from relentless touring that builds good bands into excellent bands.

Review by Vernon Tart