Hogjaw – Ironwood


The title track of this CD is molded in the vein of southern rock meets hard rock much like the excellent little know southern rock band Hydra on Capricorn in the mid to late 70’s, or the well know Molly Hatchet. On this album Ironwood, the foundation of the blues keeps the sound tight and soulful while the hard rock edge propels the sound forth like a bullet. Rollin’ Thunder has the same feel and sound and carries it off well.

Blacktop is more blues bent and follows the traditional southern rock sound without the metal edge. To me this is the power of Hogjaw taking their queue from Marshall Tucker Band with a bit of country/southern rock edge.

Although Hogjaw shows in influences, they do not copy, nor do they stay rooted in one style of music. They show a diversity of purpose with a rock edge to the track Three Fifty Seven that blends classic rock, hard rock and southern rock into a stew of Hogjaw.

Hogjaw throws down the gauntlet of power rock while delivering On County Line and Hornswogglin they show even more diversity and influences with tracks that have there roots in country and the blues as does Two Guns.

I will be shocked if Molly Hatchet/Marshall Tucker/Black Oak Arkansas and Hydra fans don’t fall in love with this band. They have released a solid album, song after song that delivery’s the listener to the world of Hogjaw. Once you enter I suspect you will stay there a long time.

Review by Vernon Tart