Chris Gates and Gatesville – Welcome to Gatesville


Chris Gates & Gatesville comes with a real down home feel to the songs that his rough gravely filled voice bends and twist into warm heart felt tracks of real people living real lives. Chris Gates’ voice is rough as sand paper, tough as nails and as loud as a hog thundering down the highway. You can hear the influences coming pouring through, with each song that plays there is nothing complicated just straight ahead rockin’ music like in Low down and Dirty with its blues rock sound.

There is depth to the tracks that create a down home sound that is as real as it comes to life with the simplicity of what Chris Gates is about, blending the sounds of country, rock, country rock, blues, and other influences to create a warm and easy sounding CD that does not shout out listen to me but instead ask you to just kick back and spin a song or two.

Gates has a simple approach that is rocking without being overblown and fake, with the passion of commitment and love of music. Chris Gates & Gatesville delivers a fine CD of warm southern hospitality from a bunch of good ol’ boys.

Review by Vernon Tart