Ronnie Van Zant


Ronnie Van Zant was born January 15 1948 in Jacksonville, Florida and can easily be described as city’s most famous resident. Before he decided to become a musician, Ronnie, like all young boys, dreamed of becoming a boxer or a professional baseball player. But instead, in summer of 1964, Ronnie Van Zant formed a band that later evolved to Lynyrd Skynyrd with his schoolmates and friends Bob Burns, Larry Junstrom, Gary Rossington and Allen Collins. Lynyrd Skynyrd enjoyed huge success in the 70’s untill…

On October 20, 1977, Ronnie Van Zant and other band members of Lynyrd Skynyrd stepped into a convair 240 which later crashed into a swamp outside Gillsburg, Mississippi when running out of fuel. Plane crash also took lives of fellow band members Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines and road manager Dean Kilpatrick.

Ronnie Van Zant was first married to Nadine Inscoe and they had a daughter, Tammy Van Zant. His second marriage was with Judy and they also had a daughter, Melody Van Zant.

Ronny Van Zant was buried in Orange Park, Florida in 1977 but was transferred after vandals broke into his tomb on June 29, 2000. He was reburied near the grave of his parents at Riverside Memorial Park in Jacksonville.

Ronald Wayne Van Zant: January 15th 1948 – October 20th 1977