Danny Joe Brown


Danny Joe Brown will always be remembered by his raspy voice that lifted hits like Flirtin’ With Disaster and Bounty Hunter to the charts while singing for Molly Hatchet. He was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age and battled with that disease all his life, but never the less, managed to rise to stardom, not only with Molly Hatchet, but with The Danny Joe Brown Band as well.

Danny Joe Brown grouped with Steve Holland and lead guitarist David Hlubek and formed Molly Hatchet in early 70’s. They released two massively popular albums, but during the peak of their success, Danny Joe Brown continued to suffer from diabetes and was eventually forced to leave the band in 1980.

In 1981, Brown released a solo album, which featured classic Edge of Sundown,  under the name Danny Joe Brown band, but the following year was asked to rejoin Molly Hatchet due to the unsuccessful result of the release of  their “Take No Prisoners” album.

The Molly Hatchet band took a hiatus in 1985 but made a big comeback after four years with their album “Lightning Strikes Twice”, of course, still with Danny Joe Brown. Unfortunately, the album was not that successful and they decided to dissolve the band for good.

Danny Joe Brown retired from music business after he suffered from a massive stroke in 1998.

On March 10, 2005, Danny Joe Brown died at the age of 54. Brown had been in hospitalized for the past few weeks prior to his death and died only day after returning his home in Davie, Florida. Cause of his dead was kidney failure.

Danny Joe Brown: 24th August 1951 – 10th March, 2005