SwampDaWamp singer Gig Michaels has died


January 5, 2016 – Charlotte Southern rock band SwampDaWamp sadly announced the death of its lead singer Gig Michaels late last Sunday after battling pneumonia.

The band’s tour manager posted the following message on the band’s Facebook page:

“The brilliant light we all knew as Gig Michaels flickered…and died today.

He was a true, bonafide American original. There has never been anyone like him, and there will never again BE anyone like him.

Genius songwriter…comedian…curmudgeon…amazing performer…and my dearest, dearest friend.

Without him in it, the world already seems a lot less bright today than it did yesterday. Please pray for his Mom, his Dad, his brothers, his sisters and extended family. Please pray for his band mates. Please pray for each other.

Find solace and comfort that he is no longer suffering. Always remember that he entrusted us with the most precious gift he had to give: his music.

Godspeed, Gig Michaels.

Amanda Miller Dyer,
Tour Manager, Swamp da Wamp

SwampDaWamp had just released their new CD, That Easy and were getting ready to tour and promote it in 2016.