Former Marshall Tucker Drummer Tells His Story


April 1, 2016 – Gary Guzzardo, drummer for The Billy Rice Band, and former drummer for the Marshall Tucker Band, looks at his life as it was then, now, and what’s in his future as a drummer 60 years of age.

In the 80’s, he met Dan and Frankie Toler and eventually joined The Marsall Tucker Band in 1993

I joined them on October 3, 1993 – I remember the exact day. People ask me if I was scared to play in front of 120,000 people…well, I can only see the first five rows…and I’m confident at what I do, so no, I wasn’t scared.

Read about the hazing he received from the Marshall Tucker boys, favorite show with them and interesting people he met during his tenure as drummer for Marshall Tucker Band from the complete interview at