Drive-By Truckers releases 5-LP live album


October 28, 2015Drive-By Truckers are releasing their long awaited live album, It’s Great to Be Alive! on October 30th. It was recorded over three nights at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco, and the 5-LP/3-CD set will feature 35 songs that span the band’s entire career.  You can order it directly from Drive-By Truckers web store.

“We’ve made more than 10 studio albums, and we’re still best known as a live band,” Patterson Hood comments. “And even though we put a lot of pride into writing and stuff like that, still the live show is probably the first thing post people think about when they think about our band.”

“And as proud as I am of the (studio) records, there is an aspect to it all that really only comes across live. So we wanted a record to document this era of the band.”

If you think five vinyls is a bit too much, the band will also release a 13-song, two-LP set called This Weekend’s The Night.