Doug Gray talks about the early days of Southern rock


April 7, 2016 – In his recent interview with Sarasota Post, The Marshall Tucker Band’s only original member Doug Gray talks about the early days of Southern rock:

“There were us, the Brothers (Allman), Wet Willie, if you wanna go all the way back there was White Witch and Eric Quincy Tate. Those guys were there before us, went back to pre-Otis Redding days. Dr. John, us and the Allman Brothers would walk into the studio and want to play on each other’s songs and we got to be friends.”

He also offers his theory about the origin of the term Southern music:

There was a publicist there that said why don’t we print up a bumper sticker saying “Support Southern Music” and that’s where the “southern music” thing came from, from a publicist at Capricorn Records. I was in there with him when he had done it. Since then, we print them up every so often and give them away to different people.  

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