The Gibsons interview

0 had the pleasure to exchange few words with The Gibsons front man Jerry Martin Gibson via email and here are the results:

Gibson is such a respected name in the industry, any relation to the famous guitar maker or is there some story behind it?

Remember that song “Mind Bender” by Still Water? Well, my daddy was a Gibson, but my momma wasn’t a fender. We began The Gibsons as a father and son duo, and recently expanded to a full all original Gospel Southern Rock band and thought what better name than our own, The Gibsons.

At the moment Christian rock music enjoys quite widespread popularity in the States, why do you think that is?

Christian Rock has wide spread popularity because people are looking for music with a meaning and purpose. Also, many people of today grew up on rock n’ roll, southern rock in particular. This generation is looking for the truth.

You have a long history in Southern rock scene, share with us some memories from the good ol’ days in 70/80’s?

I remember when musicians could make a guitar talk to you, and when underground Atlanta used to rock. I remember recording at Beavertoons Studio with Bob Burns, a former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer, T. Lavitz of the Dixie Dregs, Jeremy Graf and Jerry Riggs of Riggs, and listening to Rick Richards from Georgia Satellites. I made good friends with Brent Daniels (Shebang), Peter Stroud (now with Cheryl Crowe), and had some of the best days that a southern boy could have. I remember the days of playing at CW Shaws, Uncle Tom’s Tavern, Copperfields, and The Bistro.

In your opinion, what ever happened to Southern rock?

As Ronnie Van Zant would say, it was the money mongers. The deciding powers in the music industry decided disco (what a nasty word) was to be the new music of the day, and that southern rock was dead. It would take more than them to kill the spirit of southern rock n’ roll. I predict that southern rock will come back strong. There is more talent in southern rock n’ roll than all other music put together.

Any future plans for the Gibsons?

Of course! We will continue to write all original gospel music, southern rock style, in an attempt to reach any and every one that will give us a listen. I know a lot of southern rockers personally, and I have a mission and desire to reach them with the Word of God.

Anything you would like to add, messages to readers, or other bands you would like to recommend?

We’re out to prove that you can play rock n’ roll and still serve the Lord. I blame a lot of the Christians and churches from yester year and today, which have rejected rock music and labelled it as evil. It’s not the music you listen to or play, it’s not any tattoos you might have, it’s not the beer you might have in your hand, or whether you may or may not smoke, that sends you to Hell, it is rejecting God’s only Son (The Lord Jesus Christ). One last piece of advice when you’re writing a song, if the words can’t tell a story and make sense, then just hush and let the guitars play.