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Zach Williams and The Reformation – Set You Free

Zach Williams and The Reformation have entered into southern rock scene with a bang. In first few months of their existence, the band released excellent debut album, Electric Revival, played all over United States and toured Europe in early 2010.

Zach Williams and The Reformation are based in Jonesboro, Arkansas and rose from the ashes of local band, Further Down in 2008. They have quickly risen to one of the most exciting new bands to emerge into southern rock scene. The band features Zach Williams on vocals and acoustic guitar, Red Dorton on Bass, John Keathley on drums, Josh Copeland and Robby Rigsbee on guitars.

Band entered into Young Avenue Studios in Tennessee late 2008 and came out with debut album, Electric Revival which was released in April 2009. Music somewhat resembles The Black Crowes at first, but then you’ll notice the juicy guitar licks and the voice of Zach Williams. His vocals are mature beyond his years and the whole band stands out as first class musicians.

You can feel the original 70’s southern rock vibe that is present throughout the album. On highlight of the album, Angel With A Broken Wing, North Mississippi Allstars guitarist Luther Dickenson also lends a helping hand and all in all the whole record is like a wet dream come true for southern rock fans.

Zach Williams and The Reformation kept a busy concert schedule and while growing as a band they moved into bigger venues including European tour on March 2010. In April 2011 ZWR released their sophomore effort, “A Southern Offering” and returned to Europe for several weeks. had a opportunity to interview ZWR’s Robby Rigsbee in 2009 via email so be sure to checkout our Zach Williams and The Reformation interview.

Zach Williams and The Reformation videos

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Zach Williams and The Reformation Discography:

2009  Electric Revival
2011  A Southern Offering