Yankee Slickers


Yankee Slickers was formed in 2005 by brothers Paul and Jason Ivey. Hailing from “Southern rock capital of the world”, Jacksonville, Florida, they are no strangers to musical tradition that is characteristic to the area; rich, soulful guitar playing that defined the southern rock sound in the seventies.

Paul Ivey picked up a guitar at tender age of 13 and since then has hardly put it down. Before forming Yankee Slickers with his brother, he played in different touring groups covering various genres which can be heard from his rich texture and tone on his sound nowadays. He also writes and arranges most of the Yankee Slickers material.

Jason Ivey also began his professional music career at young age following in the footsteps of his older brother Paul. After years of playing bass, Jason picked up a guitar and returned to his roots with the music of Yankee Slickers.

Drummer Jon Farmer is a music graduate from Florida State University and is one of the most sought after studio musician in the state and has also worked as a producer. Their first bass player Tom Coughter is nowadays replaced by Shaney P.

After releasing their self-titled debut in 2008 Yankee Slickers have shared the stage with Molly Hatchet and Blackberry Smoke as well as managed to gather a growing fan base that follows them around the region. They haven’t yet breached into the national scene, which is a shame since Yankee Slickers offers some of the greatest Southern rock that the new millennium has produced so far.

Yankee Slickers Discography:

2008 Yankee Slickers