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The Winters Brothers Band – Misty Mountain Morning

The Winters Brothers Band are southern rockers hailing from Nolensville, Tennessee and should not be confused with Edgar and Johnny Winter. With career lasting almost four decades now, they have released five albums and timeless hit songs like ”Misty Mountain Morning” and ”Shotgun Rider”.

Musicians in third generation, Dennis and Donnie Winters were blown away by The Allman Brothers Band and decided to follow their footsteps. Boys paid their dues touring in Southeast US and build a strong following before releasing their self titled debut album in 1976. Album got good reviews and The Winters Brothers Band was supposed to open for Lynyrd Skynyrd on their 1977 Street Survivors tour, before that notourious plane crash put an end to Lynyrd Skynyrds career.

With disco music raising its ugly head, second album, Coast 2 Coast was postponed by their record company, but finally came out in 1978 and featured fine tunes like “Home grown” and “A Gun Don’t Mind“, showcasing Toy Caldwell’s steel guitar.

The Winters Brothers have been sharing the stage with southern rocks biggest names from 38 Special to Atlanta Rhythm Section and continue to tour even today. They have played over ten times in Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam and were featured on two live releases:  Volunteer Jam III and IV and Volunteer Jam VI.

Dennis Winters has kept the legacy of The Winters Brothers Band alive and todays line-up consist of  Chad Booher on drums, Darren Brothers on guitar and Ricky Burke on bass along with ”The Southern Belles”, fourth generation of Winters family musician on backing vocals.

The Winters Brothers Band videos

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The Winters Brothers Band Discography:

1976  The Winters Brothers Band
1978  Coast 2 Coast
1985  Keep On Runnin
2000  Southern Rockers
2004  Southwest Stampede


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