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SwampDaWamp is one of the most exciting new southern rock bands around. Since 2007 released, hard rockin’ self-titled debut album, they have garnered much critical acclaim and expanded their international fan base to cover all walks of life. Close to 20 000 fans on Myspace have already seen the future of southern rock and I suggest for you to do the same.

The brain-child of singer-songwriter-guitarist Gig Michaels, North Caroline’s SwampDaWamp is the powerful and creative collaboration of six talented and seasoned musicians: Gig Michaels (lead vocals & acoustic guitar); David Lee (drums); Michael Hough (guitar & vocals); Keith Inman (guitar); Mike Huffman (keyboards, B3 & vocals); and Cody Bennett (bass). Together they have created unique, feel-good SwampDaWamp sound that shows wide appreciation to their musical roots.

As born and raised southerners, SwampDaWamp writes whiskey fuelled songs about backyard barbeques, NASCAR, and everything that makes up a culture born and raised in the south. All in all, both, their debut and 2.0 EP, are infectious blend of rock and blues with good dose of southern flavour, topped with Gig Michaels’ powerful, gravely voice.

SwampDaWamp can be seen on tour all across United States with artists like The Marshall Tucker Band, and The Kentucky Headhunters, and are well known for their free-spirited, sing-and-dance-along live shows.

On the heels of their successful 2.0 EP, year 2009 saw the release of much-anticipated follow-up, Rock This Country. From the rockin’ opening track “Lady” to the “American Man”, a patriotic anthem for hard-working everyday heroes, Swampdawamp delivers twelve new exciting tunes with great love and passion for the country they are blessed to live in and say in their music, singing proud and saying it loud!

Puresouthernrock.com had a change to interview Gig Michaels and Keith Inman earlier in 2009, so be sure to check out our interview with Swampdawamp as well as our review of Rock This Country.

SwampDaWamp videos

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Swampdawamp Discography:

2007 Swampdawamp
2008 2.0 EP
2009 Rock This Country