Six Shot Revival


Six Shot Revival is a refreshing group of young musicians in todays over polished, over-produced, systematically formulated insta-music scene. Nowadays the band already has a strong local fan base around Georgia, and the new album that is coming out in 2011 hopefully puts them on the map for good.

Six Shot Revival is a young band hailing from Atlanta, but Marc Philips (Lead vocals), Jon Brown (Guitar/Vocals), Brandon Purinton (Drums), Steven Morrison (Bass/Vocals) are determined to revive the good old times when music came from the hearts of musicians and Southern rock ruled the airwaves.

The band has been building a fan base at their live shows for the last year and Six Shot Revival is already well known for their energetic live performances. When they hit the stage, they go out and give the people their money’s worth with roots-driven, no holds barred rock.

In summer of 2010, The Six Shot Revival teamed up with the visionary engineers at the acclaimed Atlanta recording house, Southern Tracks Studios, Tom Tapley and Steven Morrison, where the band recorded their first EP which came out on August 6th that same year. Their full length album, originally called Southern Gospel, was released in August 2011 under the name Greatest Hits, Vol.1.

Six Shot Revival Discography:

2010  Rebel Music EP
2011  Greatest Hits, Vol.1