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North Mississippi Allstars – Keep the Devil Down

North Mississippi Allstars was formed, as the name suggests, in Hernando, Mississippi in 1996. With several albums under their belt, these guys have firmly established themselves as a solid blues based southern rock band.

Dickinson Brothers Luther and Cody are sons of legendary Memphis producer Jim Dickinson and got their start in music business with DDT, a punk/funk band that released couple live albums before it transformed into North Mississippi Allstars in 1996, when bass player Chris Chew joined them.

Their debut album, Shake Hands With Shorty came out in 2000 and received enthusiastic reception. North Mississippi Allstars toured all over the states and Europe before releasing sophomore effort, 51 Phantom in 2001. They released two more studio albums by 2005 and out of those four albums, three were nominated for Grammy. Their latest studio album, Hernando, came out in 2008 and in 2009 North Mississippi Allstars released double live album Do It Like We Used to Do.

Never strangers to the road, North Mississippi Allstars live performances often turn into Gov’t Mule like psychedelic blues jams and some people even compare Luther Dickinson style to legendary The Allman Brothers Band guitar genius, Duane Allman.

All members of North Mississippi Allstars have maintained a busy schedule outside their main band: They have recorded and toured with country and blues legend  John Hiatt, Gospel band Word, Luther Dickinson played on The Black Crowes latest album, Warpaint and Cody Dickinson along with Chris Chew have a side project called Hill Country Revue, which recently released their debut album.

North Mississippi Allstars videos

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North Mississippi Allstars Discography:
2000  Shake Hands With Shorty
2001  51 Phantom
2003  Polaris
2004  Tate County (Hill Country Blues)
2004  Hill Country Revue: Live at Bonnaroo
2005  Electric Blue Watermelon
2008  Hernando
2009  Do It Like We Used to Do (2CD+DVD live)
2010 Live In The Hills (Bootleg)
2011 Keys To The Kingdom
2013 World Boogie Is Coming


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