Nitroville is truly an international southern rock band. Based in London, UK, it features members all around the globe. Formed in early 2010, Nitroville has already managed to record and release their debut album and are on their way to success.

Formed by vocalist Tola Lamont and guitarist Kurt Michael Boeck in 2010, the band added Danish born Fussi Andersen to bass and Brazilian Cyro Zuzi to drums, and Nitroville was officially born. As the band is fronted by powerful voice of Tola Lamont, and it would be easy to make comparisons to Rossington Collins Band vocalist Dale Krantz, but Nitroville sounds way heavier than anything she ever recorded with them or Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Ready to record their hard rockin´ debut, Can’t Stop What’s Comin’, Nitroville chose Mark Waterman from Smashing Pumpkins fame to produce it. End result features 11 songs that were written during six month period preceding their studio dates. The album doesn’t rely on heavy post production and effects, instead, the Nitroville manages to deliver pure and unfiltered Rock ‘n’ Roll in a way it should sound.

After the albums compilation, drummer Cyro Zuzi left the band and NitroVille was joined by new band member by Matt Whittington, whose hard rock past helped the band to keep their powerful and distinctive sound. Nitroville hasn’t played outside United Kingdom yet, but by listening to their powerful debut, that day may not be too far.

Nitroville Discography:

2011  Can’t Stop What’s Comin’


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