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Neil Carswell – Bright Lights

Neil Carswell hails from North Carolina and may be a small town boy at heart, but he has shown big talent. Former Copperhead front man has already released two albums under his own name, which both feature a rich blend of Southern rock with some country influences.

Neil Carswell was born in Lake James, North Carolina. Influenced by varied legends, from Toy Caldwell to Ronnie Van Zant, he started playing guitar at the age of twelve and when in his teens, formed a band that would eventually evolve into Copperhead.

Copperhead played Blackfoot – type of heavy southern rock and they landed a recording deal with Mercury Records in early nineties, but ended up releasing only one studio album in 1993 before breaking up in 1995.

Song by song, Neil Carswell put together his first solo album and returned to music scene with a bang by releasing Good Man’s Journey in 2006. Album was produced by Stu Kimball (from Bob Dylan’s band) and features impressive list of guests from Johnny Neel (The Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t Mule) to Chris Anderson (The Outlaws, Blackhawk).

Neil and Stu Kimball worked together again on 2009 released Keep You Guessing, resulting in top-notch production. First single Bright Lights is gaining airplay on radio and Neil is looking forward to launch his next tour and present new songs to his fans along side with few crowd-pleasers from his Copperhead era. had a change to chat with Neil in April 2009 about his past, new album and the future. Be sure to check out interview with Neil Carswell.

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Neil Carswell Discography:

2006  Good Man’s Journey
2009  Keep You Guessing


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