Meagan Tubb and Shady People


Meagan Tubb was born in St. Louis, MO where she started her musical training at tender age of five with piano, before moving into guitar lessons and eventually, after performing acoustic shows by herself during high school years, formed her first band, Out of the Tubb, in 2000.

After graduating from University of Missouri in Columbia, Meagan moved to California in 2003, where she entered the studio for the first time and recorded an EP called Color Outside the Lines. After relocating to Austin, Texas, Meagan Tubb & Shady People was formed with guitarist Jason Nunnenkamp, drummer John Duran and bass player Wilson Carr.

Meagan Tubb & Shady People gained popularity in the Austin scene and after winning local talent contest, they were signed to Willie Nelson´s record label. Influenced by blues masters like Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Meagan Tubb & Shady People  released their debut album, Beautiful Noise in 2008.

Their latest release Cast Your Shadow was produced by Stephen Doster and came out in early 2011. Cast Your Shadow has received excellent reviews and regular airplay within Austin, Colorado, Arizona, and beyond. Since their new release, Meagan and her band mates have played at venues all over Austin, San Antonio and other places around Southwest and the Southeast and shared the stage with artists like Willie Nelson and Dertybird.

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Meagan Tubb Discography:

2005  Color Outside the Lines EP
2008  Beautiful Noise
2011  Cast Your Shadow