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Little Feat – Feats Don’t Fail Me Now

Little Feat is typically categorized as ”southern rockers”, and indeed their music is rooted in the blues, but it also combines many diverse elements and influences into original sound that escapes easy description. Despite several excellent albums, Little Feat remains one of the great unknown bands of our time.

Little Feat was formed in 1969 in Los Angeles by ex – Mother Of Invention member Lowell George and keyboard player Billy Payne along with drummer Richie Hayward and bassist Roy Estrada.

Lowell’s rough edged blues singing and innovative slide guitar work made record executives pay attention and Little Feat landed recording deal with Warner. Their self-titled debut album came out in 1971 and featured classic ”Willin”. Its follow-up, Sailing Shoes was released the next year  and while both albums garnered critical acclaim, they sold poorly which eventually led to Roy Estradas departure from Little Feat and the band temporarily breaking  up.

In 1972 Little Feat got back together by replacing Estrada with Kenny Gradney, adding Paul Barrere as third guitarist and Sam Clayton on percussion. With this new expanded lineup Feats released their most succesfull studio album so far, Dixie Chicken, in 1973 and Feats Don’t Fail Me Now in 1974. The Last Record Album was final studio recording Lowell George fully participated as his interest leaned towards solo career. Lowell George died of an heart attack in June 1979 and Little Feat officially broke up after releasing Down On The Farm later that same year.

In 1987 surviving members of Little Feat reformed with ex-Pure Prairie League guitarist Craig Fuller and had notable success with their comeback album Let It Roll, which was certified gold. Despite Fuller leaving the band in 1993, Little Feat has kept touring and releasing new music to this day.

Little Feat videos

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Little Feat Discography:

1971  Little Feat
1972  Sailin’ Shoes
1973  Dixie Chicken
1974  Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
1975  The Last Record Album
1977  Time Loves A Hero
1978  Waiting For Columbus (Live)
1979  Down On The Farm
1981  Hoy-Hoy! (live)
1988  Let It Roll
1990  Representing The Mambo
1991  Shake Me Up
1994  As Time Goes By – The Best Of Little Feat
1995  Ain’t Had Enough Fun
1996  Live From Neon Park (live)
1998  Under The Radar
2000  Extended Versions: The Encore Collection (Live)
2000  Chinese Work Songs
2000  Hotcakes & Outtakes – 30 Years Of Little Feat
2002  Raw Tomatos
2002  Ripe Tomatos
2002  Live At The Ram’s Head (Live)
2003  Down  Upon The Suwannee River (Live)
2003  Kickin’ It At The Barn
2004  High  Wire Act – Live In St. Louis
2005  Barnstormin’ Live Volume One (Live)
2005  Barnstormin’ Live Volume Two (Live)
2006  The Best of Little Feat
2008  Join The Band


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