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Jive Mother Mary – Another New Never

Jive Mother Mary proves that southern rock scene is alive and well. Hailing from Alamance, North Carolina, Mason Keck (guitar, vocals), Nathan Coe (bass) and Seth Aldridge (drums) started rockin’ at the tender age of fourteen, while they were still attending school.

Jive Mother Mary rose from the ashes of Livewire in 2006, bringing fresh song writing talent to NC’s rock scene. After winning local Battle of Bands contest, they made name for themselves in North Carolina and have slowly build a wider presence.

From self-titled debut EP in 2007 to their 2009 full length release, All Fall Down, Jive Mother Mary has been working with Grammy nominated producer  John Custer, whose earlier work include Cry Of Love and Corrosion Of Conformity albums.

All 10 tracks on their new album from opening “Let Me In” to last one “All Fall Down” feature a rich blend of melodic guitar riffs and vocals in true Southern rock tradition. In fact, Keck’s voice is mature beyond his years, even very Chris Robinson – like.

In 2010, the band’s good friend Tyler Schulz moved back to NC from West Palm Beach, Florida, and added his unique style of guitar and vocals. At this time, Will Sanders also began handling bass duties with the group. In 2011, the band moved to Los Angeles, CA to give the West Coast their unique brand of southern rock and 2013 saw the release of their latest album Big City Blues.

But don’t let the musicians young age fool you, Jive Mother Mary has over 300 gigs under their belt, including being youngest band to ever play dates at Sturgis rally. They have performed with established Southern rock bands like The Black Crowes, Jackyl and Blackfoot, while building a fan base in several states. They have not yet fully broke into national presence, though this day may not be far away.

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Jive Mother Mary Discography:

2007  Jive Mother Mary (EP)
2009  All Fall Down
2013  Big City Blues


Official Website: www.jivemothermary.com