Jackyl – The Lumberjack

Jackyl has been playing their own unique brand of Blackfoot meets Black Oak Arkansas – type of hard- and southern rock for over 30 years now, carrying on, while other bands from the 90’s have faded away. Never strangers to the road, they have shared the stage with southern rock icons from ZZ top to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Jackyl was formed in Georgia in early nineties by vocalist Jesse James Dupree, Jimmy Stiff and Jeff Worley on guitars, Thomas Bettini on bass and Chris Worley on drums.

Through their legendary early live shows, Jackyl earned a record contract from Geffen and released their self titled debut album in 1992. It featured hits Down On Me, I Stand Alone and The Lumberjack, which helped the album gain platinum status.

Sophomore effort, Push Comes to Shove came out in 1994 and was certified gold, despite the lack of promotion from Geffen Records. Jackyl went on to perform in Woodstock ‘94 festival and continued their busy road schedule by touring with variety of bands from Ted Nugent to Damn Yankees.

Jackyl left Geffen and in 1997, they released Cut the Crap through Sony Music. First single Locked and Loaded featured guest vocals from Brian Johnson and gained some airplay, but album failed on the charts.

Jackyl took hiatus in 2000 while Dupree worked on his solo album and produced bands like Blackberry Smoke. By 2002 both Bettini and Stiff had left the band and Jackyl returned with new line-up where Dupree took over the second guitar and ex-Brother Cane guitarist Roman Glick handled the bass duties. New album, Relentless came out in 2002 with radio hit Kill the Sunshine and was well received by fans and press alike.

Jackyl has shown that with total disregard for trends, you can remain a popular live act and their dedicated following don’t want them to slow down any time soon.

Jackyl videos

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Jackyl Discography:

1992  Jackyl
1994  Push Comes To Shove
1996  Night Of The Living Dead
1997  Cut The Crap
1998  Choice Cuts’ (compilation)
1998  Stayin’ Alive
2002  Relentless’
2003  The Millennium Collection: The Best of Jackyl
2004  Live at the Full Throttle Saloon


Official website: www.jackyl.com