Ghost Riders


Ghost Riders – 100 Proof

Ghost Riders, not to be confused with the square dance group by the same name, is Southern rock band led by ex-Outlaws member Steve Grisham, who has surrounded himself with accomplished musicians whose resumes include the likes of The Henry Paul Band, Pure Prairie League and Artimus Pyle Band.

Ghost Riders was formed in early 2003 and played their first gig in March. They are based in Tampa, Florida where Grisham runs his Mira Vista Studios, where the band recorded their debut album, Fortune Teller, that same year.

Besides producing and engineering in his own studio, Steve Grisham is also remembered from The Outlaws and for writing The Henry Paul Band hit, Keepin’ Our Love Alive. Their current line-up also includes Barry Rapp, former keyboard player from The Henry Paul Band and One Eyed Jacks, Pug Baker in drums, who co-founded Ghost Riders with Steve and ex-Pure Prairie League bassist Phil Stokes.

After some troubles with their local indie label, the band signed a deal with German based Phoenix Records and has released three more albums, Back to Rock in 2007 and Fortune Teller 2.0 in 2008, which features new songs along side with few re-recorded ones from their debut. Their latest album Too Many Skeletons in Your Closet came out in 2010. All four albums are full of Southern charm with great guitars and it is highly recommended that you check them out.

Ghost Riders Discography:

2003  Fortune Teller
2007  Back To Rock
2008  Fortune Teller 2.0
2010 Too Many Skeletons in Your Closet