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Elias T. Hoth – Rollin Thunda

Elias T. Hoth has lived on the edge; music he forges is shaped by the searing extremes and dark depths. He is relentless, smoldering, raw and yet full of perceptive insight, wit and invention.

Elias .T. Hoth has played his bluesy Southern rock since late 90´s. With strong back catalogue of songs written over the years, he released debut album, Let Sleepin’ Demons Lie in 2008 and delivers unique sound of his own.  From the opening track, Mississippi Burnin’, to the last one, Rollin’ Thunda, Hoth has produced an album of gritty, powerful, ass kicking anthems, simply telling it like it is.

The band features young guitar prodigy Sam Barnett on lead guitar, Cy Dark on bass and Danny Law on drums along with Elias himself. They launched the original album in November 2008 with a stunning live performance show, which was later released as Live CD & DVD box set “Let Sleepin Demons Live”.

Elias .T. Hoth has been promoting their albums with live appearances all over their native England and they have gained air play in UK, mainland Europe as well as in US. Now you can find the review of their debut album from puresouthernrock.com as well.

With influences as diverse as ZZ Top, AC/DC, Molly Hatchet, Elvis and Blackfoot these songs will stay with you for a long, long time with the potential like all good songs to become great classics in their own right.

Elias T. Hoth videos

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Elias T. Hoth Discography:

2008  Let Sleepin Demons Lie
2009  Let Sleepin Demons Live – Live (CD/DVD)
2013  Wrath Widower
2013  Wrath Widower – Live
2013  Live At the 2013 Colne International Blues Festival
2015 Confession With The Devil


Official website:  www.eliasthoth.com