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Drive-By Truckers – Ronnie And Neil

Drive-By Truckers have evolved into one of the most unique recording artists and live bands in rock music today. Known for their concept albums, these guys (and gal) write genuine songs about the life in Southern states, its people and traditions.

Although both of its founding members, Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley are from Alabama, Drive-By Truckers was formed in Athens, Georgia in 1996. Cooley and Hood released the first two Truckers albums: Ganstabilly (1998) and Pizza Deliverance (1999) with changing group of musicians and toured extensively through US. One of these gigs was released as a live album, Alabama Ass-Whuppin in 2000.

In 2001 their most successful album so far, Southern Rock Opera saw the light of the day. Double album documents the rise and fall of Ronnie Van Zant and Lynyrd Skynyrd in the seventies and was met with praising reviews from press and fans alike.

Soon after the release of Southern Rock Opera, guitarist Rob Malone left the band in late 2001 and was replaced with Jason Isbell, fellow Alabama musician. After switching record company from Lost Highway to New West Records, follow-up to Southern Rock Opera, Decoration Day was finally released. Another concept album, only this time featuring darker themes as suicide, incest and break-ups.

In 2003, bassist Earl Hicks left the band and was replaced by Shonna Tucker, Jason Isbell’s wife at the time and new album, The Dirty South followed in 2004.

Despite almost non-stop touring throughout 2004 and 2005, Drive-By Truckers somehow managed to find time to record another studio album, A Blessing and a Curse, released on April 2006. Album showed the groups ability to venture into new territories and was seen as an attempt to move away from the Southern rock label assigned to them since the release of Southern Rock Opera.

Jason Isbell left Drive-by Truckers in 2007 to launch a solo career and was replaced by John Neff, who had been previously working with the band. In 2008 Brighter Than Creation’s Dark peaked at #37 on the charts, highest position for The Truckers so far, promising bright future for the band.

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Drive-By Truckers Discography:

1998  Gangstabilly
1999  Pizza Deliverance
2000  Alabama Ass Whuppin’ (Live)
2001  Southern Rock Opera
2003  Decoration Day
2004  The Dirty South
2006  A Blessing and a  Curse
2008  Brighter Than Creation’s Dark
2009  Live From Austin City Limits
2009  The Fine Print (Rarities Collection)
2010  The Big To-Do
2011  Go Go Boots


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