Doc Holliday


Doc Holliday – Redneck Rock and Roll Band

Doc Holliday, named of course after legendary Wild West character, hails from Macon, Georgia and released couple classic southern rock albums in early 80’s. Although they never got the recognition they deserved in Unites States, Doc Holliday was a hugely successful in Europe.

Early days of this southern rocks hidden gem can be traced to beginning of 70’s, when the band leader Bruce Brookshire formed a band called Roundhouse which would later transform into Doc Holliday. Although southern rock losing its momentum in early 80’s, with little help from Molly Hatchet management, they got signed by A&M records.

With legendary line-up of Brookshire and Rick Skelton on guitars, John Samuelson on bass, Eddie Stone on keyboards and Herman Nixon on drums they released self titled debut album on early 1981 and managed to break into top #30 chats. Through relentless touring with groups like The Outlaws and The Charlie Daniels Band, Doc Holliday gained new fans and later that same year they put out Doc Holliday Rides Again which turned out to be even more successful album.

Disaster strike in 1983, when Doc Holliday decided to record their third album, 80’s pop oriented Modern Medicine in Germany. It wasn’t the kind of medicine southern rock fans were looking for, it sold poorly and band broke up soon after that. After three year hiatus, Doc Holliday got their act together and released Danger Zone, more traditional approach to southern rock genre.

Over the years they have released several albums for small European record labels, which are difficult to find from the States, but well worth hunting down for. Doc Holliday remains popular touring act in old continent, especially in Germany.

Doc Holliday videos

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Doc Holliday Discography:

1981  Doc Holliday
1981  Doc Holliday Rides Again
1983  Modern Medicine
1986  Danger Zone
1989  Song For The Outlaw (live)
1993  Son Of The Morning Star
1996  Legacy
2001  A Better Road
2003  Gunfighter: Best of the 90’s
2004  Good Time Music
2006  Rebel Souls
2009 25 Absolutely Live