Chainbreak3r – Walking In Glory

Chainbreak3r plays old-school Southern rock with a Christian message and there’s an energy in the music that gets even non-believers rockin’ which proves that if you put your own feelings, your own sounds and own truth into your music, it will be original.

Coming from a musical family, band leader Jay Harris started playing the violin at age 6, learned the bass at 11, and guitar at 12. At 18, his hands started getting weak, which almost took away his ability to play and  he was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy few years later.

”Listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Bros, Blackfoot, and Molly Hatchet for years, as well as all the guitar greats helped influence the style of music that now comes out. The hands are still whithered but somehow work enough to play”, says Jay.

Chainbreak3r was put together in the summer of 2006 at Church on the Street/The Phoenix Dream Center, a church dedicated to helping those coming out of prison or trying to get off the streets. Name of the band was changed to Chainbreak3r after it came to their attention that there was another Chainbreaker, a German hardcore band, using the same name. Number three is reference to not only to three members in the band, but also to The Trinity of The Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit.

The band has undergone several changes in personnel and format, finally opting for a power trio.  In the current lineup, Jay Harris writes the songs, plays the guitars, and sings lead vocals. Jeff Robinson plays bass and sings backup vocals, while John Compala is on the drums.

Chainbreak3r’s self-titled debut album came out in 2008 and soon after that the band re-entered the studio to start working on their second album, You Broke The Chains, which was released in 2011 and features the same rich blend of southern rock as their debut.

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Chainbreak3r Discography:

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Chainbreak3r Discography:

2008  Chainbreak3r
2011  You Broke The Chains


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