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Bo Bice – Whiskey, Women & Time

Bo Bice is known by most people for his performance in 4th season of American Idols contest, but his post-idols years as talented southern rock artist has been neglected by many. Bice was born in Alabama, but spend his teenage years in England where he took first steps in music business while putting together band called Spinning Jenny. He eventually managed release couple albums, Ex Gratia with Purge and Recipe For Flavor under the name Bo Bice & Sugar Money before hitting Idols fame.

During Idols, Bice captured attention of the nation with his soulful versions of The Allman Brothers Bands Whipping Post and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, while taking second place at competition. Bo’s “first” album, The Real Thing, was released December 2005 and included several original songs on which he co-wrote, unusual trait for Idols competitors. Album shot straight to number 4 in the charts and was eventually certified gold.

RCA records however weren’t impressed and dropped Bo from its roster. In summer of 2007 Bice took some time off to participate Brothers Of Southland, collaborative All-Stars project put together by George McCorkle from The Marshall Tucker Band where Bo covers two songs, Marshall Tuckers own Can’t You See and Dreams by The Allman Brothers Band. Release date of that album has been postponed constantly, but is now set to May 2009.

Bice’s second album, pure southern rock masterpiece, See The Light was released in October 2007, through his own independent label, Sugar Money/StratArt, and while first video ‘Witness’ gained fair amount of airtime in television, album only peaked at #151. He kept touring during spring and summer of 2008 and even performed to US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Bo Bice Discography:

1999  Ex Gratia (with his band Purge)
2000  Recipe for Flavor (Bo Bice & SugarMoney)
2005  The Real Thing
2007  See The Light
2010  3
2013  New Soul Revival


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