Blackfoot – Wishing Well

Blackfoot was formed in southern rock capital, Jacksonville, Florida, in the late 1960’s by Rick Medlocke (lead singer/guitarists), Charlie Hargrett (guitar), Jakson Spires (drums) and Greg T. Walker (bass). Although Blackfoot’s music style occasionally leans more towards hard rock, with determination and hard work, they eventually made it to one of the most famous and successful groups in southern rock scene.

Blackfoot took a short break in early 70’s while Rick Medlocke was hired to play drums in Lynyrd Skynyrd, before getting back together in 1972. While collaborating with Skynyrd, Medlocke got to know seasoned producers and musicians Jimmy Johnson and David Hood. Blackfoot sent a demo tape to Johnson and Hood whom liked what they’ve heard and offered Blackfoot a contract.

In 1974, the band recorded their first album, No Reservations, for Island Records. Unfortunately, the sales of their debut were not that impressive but it gave the band an opportunity to go out, have a tour and share their music across the US. Later that year, Island Records dropped the band and Blackfoot relocated back to Florida from New Jersey.

Although the first album was slow in sales, it still generated enough numbers for the Epic records to sign them and allow the boys to make their follow up, Flying High. The second one helped Blackfoot to get recognized in some areas of the country but it still wasn’t selling too many copies. Partly because of this, it took three more years for them to record another album.

The third album, Blackfoot Strikes, made the band a household name with hits like ‘Highway Song’ and ‘Train Train’. It opened a lot of concert stages for them and fast tracked Blackfoot’s climb to success. After years performing live, band was putting up solid performances onstage. Unfortunately, off stage, band was struggling to maintain respect for each other and finally on 1985, Blackfoot members went their separate ways.

Rick Medlocke kept the Blackfoot name alive under various lineups before joining Lynyrd Skynyrd again in 1996. Fans missed Blackfoot and in 2004 original members Greg T Walker, Jakson Spires and Hargrett got back together. Jakson Spires passed away in 2005 from a brain aneurysm and was replaced by Christoph Ullmann. Despite the tragedies, Blackfoot still keeps entertaining fans of southern rock to this day.

Blackfoot videos

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Blackfoot Discography:

1975  No Reservations
1976  Flying High
1979  Strikes
1980  Tomcattin
1981  Marauder
1982  Highway Song Live
1982  Siogo
1984  Vertical Smiles
1987  Ricky Medlocke And Blackfoot
1990  Medicine Man
1994  After the Reign
1999  Live On The King Biscuit Flower Hour
2002  Greatest Hits