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Alligator Stew – Blood Money

Alligator Stew plays kick-ass southern rock and these guys seem tough enough to actually stew an alligator. Carrying on the tradition of Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot, their music is little bluesy with twang of country-style boogie, but at its core it’s hard as nails.

Alligator Stew front man Gary Jeffries have had a long career in music business even before he put together one of the best southern rock groups of the new millennium. With John Andrews on guitar, Doug Richardson on bass, Chris Turbis on piano and TC Markle on drums they recorded self-titled debut in 2000.

Their first album introduces a rich blend of piano, harmonica and the accompanying acoustic guitar that together form a solid southern rock sound. From the opening riff to closing song this album burns with captivating sense of danger. Blood Money and Rose Thorn Bed are highlights, but all of them are of equal caliber.

Follow-up, To Monticello… Live!!!, holds eleven live tracks and four new songs recorded in studio. On live part the band does couple excellent covers including Bob Seger’s Turn The Page and new tracks introduced new, more mellow side of them.

Alligator Stew had a good following and performed regularly with bigger acts like The Marshall Tucker Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Blood Money was also made into video, which got lot of airplay, but sometimes bands don’t get the recognition they deserve, as was the case with Alligator Stew.

Jeffries moved back to Midwest in 2003 and Alligator Stew played their last gig in July 2006. They have been on a break since. Jeffries’ also formed a new band, Gator Stew, in late 2006 and Gary Jeffries Band after that, but many people still hope that Alligator Stew will release new music some day.

Alligator Stew videos

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Alligator Stew Discography:

2000  A First Taste of Alligator Stew
2003  Welcome to Monticello…Live!